OpenText Content Server

OpenText Content Server provides the core set of tools you need to capture, process and manage unstructured content across your organization including document management, workflow, search and information retrieval services, all tightly integrated into a platform that is easily customized and extended.

We have been working with what was known as Livelink since 1999 (version 8.1) originally using the Livelink Application Programming Interface (LAPI) but laterly of course using Web Services.

More recently of course we have been using Powershell for a wide variety of administration tasks and, in particular, those in OpenText

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Content Management Systems

At Gluckli we have spent 15 years working across a range of content management systems including OpenText Livelink (now Content Server), Sharepoint and Documentum.

We have experience in migrating data from and into these systems as well of course as developing both client and web front ends as necessary. We are able to help your organisation to move vast amounts of data between these systems in a controlled and fully traceable manner giving you the confidence that what came out is what went in !


We have lots of experience with this scripting language and database and may be able to help your organisation to develop applications using this popular and 'free' technology


We have a wealth of experience in the use of Powershell for all sorts of administration tasks including the consumption of Web Services

Java, C# and VBA

We can help your organisation to develop in any of these languages whether it means creating something from scratch or enhancing an existing application